Thursday, August 5, 2010

Purification Process

Hebrew 10: 14 the Message

“By that single offering, he did everything needed to be done for everyone who takes part in the purifying process.”

Over the last while I have been working through a book about getting rid of stubborn sin. For a long time I have struggled with the question, “God why can’t you heal me? Make me stop sinning?” I’m not going to really get into all that God is teaching my right now, but one thing He is teaching me is the purifying process is so much more than Him taking away our sin.

I want to share an excerpt from my journal, and this is what the above verse means to me.

“Thank You for sending Your son so that I have the option of being purified. Lord, I think sometimes, no most of the time, I expect You to work some magic in my life-that I would magically be healed. While that can happen, when it comes to the battle of food, if You took that from me, You would take away me. You would take my human will-my free choice. In a way, I would be like a zombie and I think that would take away my ability to love You as deeply as I might. That it would take away my desire to know You and to be with you. It might take away my humanity.

I like what He has to say in The Message and it is something that I have never noticed or thought about. “For everyone who TAKES part”-Takes is an active word, it isn’t passive, and the action isn’t being done to me. So, by leaving my human will in tact, by not “healing” me of this battle of food. I have a choice to actively participate in a purification process. Lord, I praise You for that!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Satan Doesn't Care if You are Saved

Yep, I said it...Satan doesn't care if you are saved. I have been listening to a song called Gravity (see below). I first heard the song on So you think you can dance. To say it haunted me is an understatement. It is such an amazing picture of addiction.

The more that I have listened to this song, the more I have become sure Satan doesn't care if we get saved. Now, if a man lives his whole life and doesn't get saved til his death bed, then satan may still he has won that battle. However, in the major battle of this spiritual warfare, I think it may be just a set back when we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins. He has bigger fish to fry than truly worrying with one person becoming a Christian.
So what does Satan care about? What he cares about is the person who truly becomes a Christ follower, who lives to share Jesus. Then the people who accept Christ turn around and share Jesus with other people. This is what Satan cares about!
The moment we ask Christ into our hearts is the moment that Satan begins to work overtime to shut us down. Sure, as portrayed in the song addictions are things we consider obvious in how satan works. When it comes to addiction, we think of things like alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, etc. Do we ever stop to think about other things like how much time we spend in front of the tv? The movies we watch? Pride? Electronics? Eating? Insert your own thing here that Satan sneaks in to take your mind off of heaven and leave it here in this world.
There is something in your life that Satan uses everyday to pull you back down to this world. Our minds should be set on heaven-on God's work. My desire is to not be pulled down by the gravity of the world, of being in the world. My desire is to have my mind heaven bound and taking as many people with me as I can!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

30 things and such

When I turned 30 this June, I started thinking of a "bucket list" for my 30s so I came up with 30 things that I want to do in my 30s. Some of those things I'm not quite willing to share yet, but one of them is that I want to memorize 300 bible verses. I have been working on Hebrews 12 for a while now and am honestly not that far.
This week I was really challenged by God to really take his word seriously. We had revival at the church I am attending here in Whiteville. The pastor was about 70 years old, and on the last night that I went without every picking up his bible began to quote the scripture and it was from one of the last books of the OT. He didn't just quote one verse but many of them. God's message to me was that 300 verses may not be enough. I MUST memorize His word, hide it in my heart so I might not sin against Him. I want to be 70 years old and able to recall God's Holy word the way Dr. Perkins did.In
In memorizing scripture, God will teach you things. I have been saying the first 7 verses of hebrews 12 over and over and trying to learn them and God is teaching me things as I say those verses
-Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses...throw of the sin that entangles: We need to get with it. Quit yielding to stubborn sin
-Keep your eyes on Jesus: He is the only way to finish the race
-In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood: Have I really, really fought hard to allow Christ to give me the strength to get rid of stubborn sin in my life???????
-Endure Hardship as discipline, God is treating you as sons: God really has my best interest at heart. Just as when my parents were strict with me (and now only as an adult do I see that they weren't being mean or unfair to me) out of love for my own good, God does the same. He disciplines us because we are his children

I didn't see all of those truths the first time that I read through Hebrews 12, but as i have repeated those verses over and over again, God has shown up and taught me. I encourage you to start memorizing is our biggest weapon against the enemy!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the journey continues...

You know lately I have been thinking about people in the bible like Abraham and Noah. People who are examples of God telling them a specific thing to do and them having the faith to do it. What was Abraham really thinking as he took Isaac up that mountain to sacrfice? What was Noah thinking at that moment that God shut them up in the ark? Or what about when Moses returned to Egypt and was about to speak to Pharoah?
These people were faithful to God's calling. They were going in the directions that God wanted them to do. Did they ever just have moments where they completely doubted God to make the next move, to provide the next moment for them? I wonder these things because I feel like my faith has just been so small lately. I know without a shadow of doubt that God sent me to Whiteville, NC. However, there have been times when I have doubted that the next steps would be provided for me.
For instance, in finding a church, I began to think that there wasn't a place for me to become a part of a fellowship. How wrong I was! Just when I was about to start looking at churches in Wilmington, a co worker told me of a church here in town that I should visit. Not to be judgemental but for such a small church, the Holy Spirit is there. They baptized about 16 people a few weeks ago, and when there is only a couple hundred people in a church that is beyond amazing!
I don't know about Abraham, Noah, or Moses, but God certainly humbles me. See I think it is important to step out in faith, to do what God has called you to do, but to also continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to see you through that task. A professor of mine used the phrase, “if He brought you to it, He'll get you through it.” Most of the time I thought of that as an encouragement for going through hard things, not every day things.
Maybe God has called you to something. Maybe you have been faithful and are doing what he has called you to do, but maybe you are like me and get a little restless, a little helpless in the midst of your journey. Keep hanging in there. Keeping seeking Christ in all things. Rely on Him. Be humbled by Him and His greatness!!