Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the journey continues...

You know lately I have been thinking about people in the bible like Abraham and Noah. People who are examples of God telling them a specific thing to do and them having the faith to do it. What was Abraham really thinking as he took Isaac up that mountain to sacrfice? What was Noah thinking at that moment that God shut them up in the ark? Or what about when Moses returned to Egypt and was about to speak to Pharoah?
These people were faithful to God's calling. They were going in the directions that God wanted them to do. Did they ever just have moments where they completely doubted God to make the next move, to provide the next moment for them? I wonder these things because I feel like my faith has just been so small lately. I know without a shadow of doubt that God sent me to Whiteville, NC. However, there have been times when I have doubted that the next steps would be provided for me.
For instance, in finding a church, I began to think that there wasn't a place for me to become a part of a fellowship. How wrong I was! Just when I was about to start looking at churches in Wilmington, a co worker told me of a church here in town that I should visit. Not to be judgemental but for such a small church, the Holy Spirit is there. They baptized about 16 people a few weeks ago, and when there is only a couple hundred people in a church that is beyond amazing!
I don't know about Abraham, Noah, or Moses, but God certainly humbles me. See I think it is important to step out in faith, to do what God has called you to do, but to also continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to see you through that task. A professor of mine used the phrase, “if He brought you to it, He'll get you through it.” Most of the time I thought of that as an encouragement for going through hard things, not every day things.
Maybe God has called you to something. Maybe you have been faithful and are doing what he has called you to do, but maybe you are like me and get a little restless, a little helpless in the midst of your journey. Keep hanging in there. Keeping seeking Christ in all things. Rely on Him. Be humbled by Him and His greatness!!

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