Monday, June 7, 2010

Satan Doesn't Care if You are Saved

Yep, I said it...Satan doesn't care if you are saved. I have been listening to a song called Gravity (see below). I first heard the song on So you think you can dance. To say it haunted me is an understatement. It is such an amazing picture of addiction.

The more that I have listened to this song, the more I have become sure Satan doesn't care if we get saved. Now, if a man lives his whole life and doesn't get saved til his death bed, then satan may still he has won that battle. However, in the major battle of this spiritual warfare, I think it may be just a set back when we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins. He has bigger fish to fry than truly worrying with one person becoming a Christian.
So what does Satan care about? What he cares about is the person who truly becomes a Christ follower, who lives to share Jesus. Then the people who accept Christ turn around and share Jesus with other people. This is what Satan cares about!
The moment we ask Christ into our hearts is the moment that Satan begins to work overtime to shut us down. Sure, as portrayed in the song addictions are things we consider obvious in how satan works. When it comes to addiction, we think of things like alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, etc. Do we ever stop to think about other things like how much time we spend in front of the tv? The movies we watch? Pride? Electronics? Eating? Insert your own thing here that Satan sneaks in to take your mind off of heaven and leave it here in this world.
There is something in your life that Satan uses everyday to pull you back down to this world. Our minds should be set on heaven-on God's work. My desire is to not be pulled down by the gravity of the world, of being in the world. My desire is to have my mind heaven bound and taking as many people with me as I can!

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J-train said...

Awesome! Quit preaching my sermons! LOL